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Early morning view of gilded facade at the Trocadero monument, Paris, France, and the Eiffel Tower reflected in the windows.
Early sunrise view of the Trocadero, in Paris. <br><strong>Sony World Photography Awards 2018 - Commended in Architecture (Open)</strong>

Gold – France, Paris

Date Organization Feature Description
2018/02 Sony World Photography Awards Open – Architecture – Commended Press Release
Cuernos del Paine mountains - Torres del Paine - Travel Photography / Fotografia de Viagem - © Adriano Neves - acseven
Cuernos del Paine reflected onto lake Nordenskjöld's glacial waters or a vision of Eden's Gardens?

Eden’s Garden – Chile, Patagonia

Date Organization Feature Description
2016/03 Sony World Photography Awards 2016 Winner Portugal National Award
2016/03 Sony World Photography Awards 2016 Finalist Open Travel competition
2016/02/11 National Geographic Your Shot Article Feature "Reflection" story
2016/02 National Geographic Your Shot Curated Editor's Note
2015/11/26 National Geographic Travel 365 Daily Shot Travel Daily Shot
Northern lights or aurora borealis atmospheric phenomena over a snowy mountain in Iceland.
The Northern Lights in Iceland, a natural light show far too wondrous to be captured in a single photograph, but here's my best attempt. <strong>Sony World Photography Awards 2015 - Portugal National Award Winner</strong>

Northern Lights and the Milky Way – Iceland

Date Organization Feature Description
2015/03 Sony World Photography Awards 2015 Winner Portugal National Award
2015/03 Sony World Photography Awards 2015 Commended Open Panoramic competition
2014 EPSON International Pano Awards 2014 Silver Award Open Nature competition
2014 EPSON International Pano Awards 2014 Bronze Award Amateur Nature competition
2015 One Eyeland Book Vol. 5 Pre-Selected Best of The Best Photographers 2015
2015 Olhares Photograph of the Month Blog entry
2014/03/14 National Geographic Most Voted  Your Shot Daily Dozen
2015/05/15 DeviantArt Today's News Social Media Features of the Day
2015/06/05 DeviantArt Daily Deviation
2015/10/27 1X Curator Selection
2018/02/12 National Geographic Featured in a Story "Resolutions to Travel"
Last 28th may a hiker slipped on a wet slab of rock at the base of the Upper Yosemite Falls stream, being flushed about 30 meters (100 feet) down the rapids, but still able to hang to a large boulder and resting on top of it waiting for rescue. I was hiking the Yosemite Falls trail when the heli search and rescue team approached the falls. While I shot the scene (fallen hiker wasn't visible from my viewpoint) the heli pulled back and hiking ground rescue teams hurried past me to the location. Luckily, he ended up being rescued, alive. And I got a chopper in front of a huge waterfall!!

Search and Rescue in Yosemite – United States, California

Date Organization Feature Description
2015 Airliner Magazine Third Prize  Airliner World Photograph of the Year
2016 Viewbug Winner In Flight Photo Contest "
Subtropical forest of the Ribeiro Frio Natural Park (Madeira, Portugal), with a eerie mist setting in all around.

Way Out – Portugal, Madeira

Date Organization Feature Description
2015 125 Magazine Annual Selection 125's Magazine annual exhibit and book
Landscape photograph of the Erta Ale volcano caldera, a molten lava pit - © Adriano Neves - acseven - All Rights Reserved
Nature has its ways of making us feel little, but nothing can quite compare to the sheer and brute forces of volcanoes. In the middle of the Afar Region (Ethiopia), Erta Ale reveals itself as a pulsating pathway to the depths beneath our feet, a molten lava portal to the inner core.

Fiery Red Erta Ale – Ethiopia, Afar

Date Organization Feature Description
2016/04/05 fstoppers Photo Of The Day Curator Selection