“Great Landscapes”

Author Edition book compilation of photographs and short stories of Travels around the World.

“On multiple travels from the end of 2013 onwards, Adriano Neves visited several regions of our world, throughout American and European continents, as well as Atlantic and Pacific oceans’ islands, set out for commending the Vastness of Great Landscapes that came across his camera.
Included in this book, created at the time of the Author’s first Photographic exhibit, are 38 photographs of great visual impact, hopefully captivating the reader‘s curiosity for travel and specifically for discovering the existing vast landscapes scattered all around the planet.”

Text written both in Portuguese and English, in the same edition.

Size: 22cm x 21cm x 6mm

ISBN: 978-989-691-446-2

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Text, Photographs and Book Design by Adriano Neves

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