“Resolutions to Travel” – National Geographic Your Shot Story

My panoramic photograph of the “Northern Lights Over The Milky Way” has been featured by National Geographic’s Your Shot, in a Story titled “Resolutions to Travel “.

Northern lights or aurora borealis atmospheric phenomena over a snowy mountain in Iceland.
As luzes do Norte, Aurora Borealis, a dançar sobre um céu estrelado da Islândia.

The story’s selected images were chosen from a collection of thousands of images by Lindsay Kuczera (Digital Media Specialist, National Geographic Expeditions), and reflect on memories of moments valued by each photographer from their travels.

This particular panorama was taken in Iceland, in the vicinity of the capital Reykjavíc, during a cold Winter night back in 2013. Have a look at my gallery from Iceland for more photographs of the impressive landscapes of this Photography haven: